My Story




     Xlcr Moon never wanted to be a model but after it fell into her lap she hit the ground running and hasn't looked back. Starting in 2005 she has been creating art all over the U.S. from glamour to pinup to casual to punk to horror to goth to fashion and everything in between she transforms effortlessly from persona to persona to get "the shot" for every shoot. She prides herself on her diversity and hates being pigeonholed, labels aren't for her modeling. Though outside the modeling world she is very much so "90s grunge" rockin black tanks or rock tees, holy jeans or cut off shorts and her beloved chuck taylors every day of the week. "I have tons and tons of clothing in various styles and yet I always go with my grunge wear." she states.  She was always a tomboy, played sports and hung out with guys, never wore makeup except for heavy eyeliner, a major transformation from what we can see in her modeling today. Going through photos of her in her porftolio sometimes one has to do a double take as her photos can be so stricking and diverse it is almost as if you're glancing at an entirely different person. She has graced the pages of over 40 magazines and several covers and doesn't plan to stop anytime soon. She has a true love for art and even does photography on a regular basis as well, shooting mostly bands but also models, weddings, families and things in nature, specifically flowers and butterflies. She is a bit of a modern day gypsy/road warrior as dubbed by friends and fans, she will travel 2-6 weeks at a time living on the road traveling her little heart out creating art along the way. She loves what she does, doesn't plan to quit anytime soon, and states as her father told her she got her wish "Its Halloween every day of the year."