The Many Faces Of Moon...

Xlcr Moon has graced well over 100 magazines, over 20 covers, several music videos, a handful of movies and books and articles. She is available as a model, stylist, pose coach, and makeup artist as well.

Xlcr Moon is a "Jill of all trades" if you will. Mostly known as an internationally published model, photographer and actress, she has many skills and talents. She is a go-getter and loves to travel and keep busy. She travels all over the country doing various forms of art.




Xlcr Moon

In addition to modeling, Xlcr Moon has been doing photography since she was in High school. She spent several years in a dark room developing her own film and worked strictly with film from 12-17 when she got her first digital camera. She loves to photograph a variety of subjects. Mostly event photography, like live Bands and Weddings. Check out her Wedding Photography.